Atalante   -   Tah itien

Last ship, on which you can cruise, that has kept the lines of a traditional combined freighter/passenger liner of the '50s.
Loads of original wood paneling, parts of which under white paint. Original: pub, main staircase. Still has the bell of the 'Tahitien' of her French days on the unique raised head of the fordeck. The bridge features the complete French equipment of the early '50s. Original engines. 

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4.10.1952 Launched as TAHITIEN
Delivery to Messageries - M aritimes
4.05.1953 Maiden Voyage on the service Marseille-Martinique-Panama-Tahiti-New Caledonia-New Hebrides-Sydney. Operated exclusively on this service together with sister CALÉDONIEN.
1958 Referendum on Tahiti secured the French government and thus the subsidized French liner service.  
1963 T roop accomodations converted to Third Class cabin accommodations.
2.05.1969 Severe fire en route to Tahiti in the Pacific. Messageries Maritimes' freighter MARQUISIEN took her in tow.
Atalante in Med Sun livery early 80s
12.1971 Sold to Aphrodite Cruises Ltd., Famagusta. Renamed ATALANTE.   
Rebuilt as car ferry for 180 cars, 600 pass. 13.113 GRT. Service between Ancona- Patras under the label Mediterranean Sun Line. Fully air-conditioned.
1974 During Turkish occupation of Cyprus requisitioned by Greek government for war service. Used to bring humanitarian aid to Cyprus after the military operations stopped.
1976 Registered in Limassol. Ancona- Corfu- Patras- Katakolon- Piraeus- Kusadasi- Patmos service. Also marketed as cruises.
1977 Registered in Piraeus.   
1990 13.113 GRT.
Atalante in Limassol 2000 - click to enlarge
1991 Chartered to Epirotiki with option to buy. Renamed HOMERICUS.
End of 1991 Given back to Aphrodite Cruises. Renamed Atalante.
Dec. 1992  Transferred to Paradise Cruises Ltd., Limassol. Actual owner Mediterranean Queen Lines.23 cabins added.
650 passengers (all berths occupied). 11923 GRT. 
Since 1993 2- and 3- day cruises to Israel and Egypt out of Limassol.
July 2001 Accomodation ship in Genoa at G8 summit.
2003 and 2004 Used on longer Aegean cruises. Reportedly has the most varied on-board entertainment in this market.
   Atalante Great Picture
Original Main Staircase, 2000 - click to enlarge

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 Ship is in service on short cruises out of Limassol (Cyprus) and can be booked with:
Paradise House
38, Kitiou Kyprianou Str.
P.O. Box 50157
3601 Limassol
Tel: +357-5-369000