The End without Glory  

Ocean Glory departing Dover
Ocean Glory 1 sailing from Dover into oblivion and onto the beach of Alang                            Copyright: James Ryeland

March 2001
Cruise Holding Maritime Company took over charter from Golden Sun
Detained by the British Coast Guard
Sold for scrap
Arrived at Alang

In March 2001 the charter with Golden Sun Cruises collapsed. But soon MSC came up with a new charter party, Cruise Holding Maritime Company, an obscure amalgamation of Greek and Cypriot financial interests. The AEGEAN SPIRIT was renamed OCEAN GLORY 1 and reflagged to Panama. It was said that Anthony Lelakis was behind the scenes. The ship had been sub-chartered to British tour operators for cruises in the Baltic in summer. The positioning cruise to the UK  reportedly was a total mess. When OCEAN GLORY 1 finally arrived at Dover to start this charter programme, the British Coast Guard Agency detained the ship for no less than 35 deficiencies! Thus the British tour operators fined Cruise Holding for wrongful termination of Charter.

On 18 September 2001 the ship was sold by auction to Carpenthai Holding and renamed CLASSICA. Under that name she arrived on 30 October 2001 at Alang, where she was broken up until May 2002.

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