1995  Fifth conversion

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simplon postcard2098 by Dr. Errol M. Cornish source: Frédéric Bartoli:Paquebots à Villefranche sur Mer
April 1995 Start of conversions in Genoa: modifications of foredeck and stack. Removal of derricks
20.05.1995 Delivery
On 3 April 1995, at the end of the South Africa season, she returned to the Mediterranean and was sent to Genoa for that thorough refit originally scheduled for the beginning of 1995.

Now the derricks on the foredeck, which were still original fittings of the time of emigrant service to South America, were removed. The funnel got fins, which should divert the smoke of the Diesel engines upward, so that the passengers were not bothered. Additionally the rail of the foredeck was raised a little bit, probably for aesthetic reasons.

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