1996 Sixth conversion

before afterwards
7.11.1995 Beginning of conversion: overhaul of air-conditioning, fitness-center added (?)
12.1995 After the owner-name changed to Mediterranean Shipping Cruises, SYMPHONY is painted in their colours
01.1996 Overhaul of cabins in dry-dock
10.05.1996 delivery
In the course of the name change to Mediterranean Shipping Cruises also the colors of the shipping company were modified. After the other Lauro ships had already been repainted in the new colors, also the last blue Star Lauro-funnel on the SYMPHONY disappeared in December 1995. It was now painted white with the golden MSC initials on it. Only a blue termination strip at the upper end of the funnel still reminds you of the traditional Lauro colors.

Already in January 1996 the SYMPHONY was in dry dock again for 20 days, where the cabins were refurbished. Behind the funnel a gymnasium was erected now, if it was not done in 1995. Also the air conditioning system was changed, which made redundant the large exhausts arranged so far behind the funnel. For those, who wish to have the details, here are the exact specifications of the air conditioning system as stated in a 1995 bridge-visit leaflet:

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