My cruise on ms Symphony
19.06. - 26.06.1999
Western Mediterranean
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1. day:
Embarkation in Genoa. At 17.00 pm the ship takes the seas. Captain Giovanni Massa welcomes the passengers.

2. day: Naples
The weather gets worse. Around noon we reach the habour of Naples. Excursions to Pompeji and Capri were offered. I decided to walk around in Naples on my own. The right choice! According to fellow passengers the guided excursions had been disappointing, because Capri by rain isn´t romantic and Pompeji offers virtually no shelter against the rain as it is all ruins. In sharp contrast Naples itself: The splendid Teatro San Carlo and Palazzo Reale were remarkably dry inside!

3. day: Malta
For the rest of the cruise the weather was good: Warm and sunny, but not too warm. I took part in the guided excursion "Valetta and Mdina". Mdina is the former capital of Malta and almost absolutely quiet and picturesque (if you ignore the crowds of tourists). The Grand Master's Palace in Valetta was "exceptionally" closed to tourists (as it is the case every day, it seems). Despite these obstacles Malta with its Grand harbor (which really is grand) was impressing to me. At 18.00 pm the ship departed for Tunis.

4. day: Tunis
The local tourst guide, who showed us "Carthage and Sidi bou Said", really was a show-talent, joking around all the time. Wile Catharge wasn't very impressing, Sidi bou Said turned out to be fascinating: Once you managed to get beyond the crowds of souvenir dealers at the bus-stop and are able to cast a view on the town, the streets lie quiet in the sunshine. With their glistening white houses they are situated high above the emerald-green sea. After leaving the port, a strong breeze had sprung up and high waves built up. So down in the restaurant dinner took me some will power. My cabin was right in the bow , were the ship's movement was strongest. As soon as I lay in bed, the forceful movement and the steady sound of the waves crashing into the bow just inches away from my head was very pleasant and tranquilizing. So I slept well.

5. day: Ibiza
After almost a full day at sea (which was calm again) we reached the port of Eivissa, the capital of Ibiza. My fist way was up to the bastion of D'Alt Vila, where you can enjoy the marvellous panorama of the harbor. We stayed overnight, so we could explore the notorious nightlife of Ibiza.

6. day: Ibiza
We could enjoy ourselves on the island, until 14:00 hours, when departure was scheduled. Already before noon the Symphony had to clear the berth for the German cruise ship AIDA. The remaining passengers still on land could board the SYMPHONY by boat-shuttle. So it comes that I could see my own cruise ship depart (see below). On the occasion of embarcation I made the acquaintance of these motorized rubber-boats, that the English call "Zodiacs" . It was great fun to be hurled over the waves at top speed!!

7. day: St. Tropez
Here the ship was lying in the roads. And again the Zodiacs !!. I just can't afford to miss it! Sadly, the jet-set had a day off, but at least I saw the police station where Louis de Funes shot his last movie! By the way, St. Tropez is more picturesque, than I had thought. In the evening, on the aft deck, an "Inka-Fire-Show" was held with torches and and all and with music by Sacred Spirit. Really impressing, unlike the other evening shows we had seen.

8. day: Return to Genoa
Why isn't the flag on the stern of the SYMPHONY at half-mast? At least  I am unconsolable... I had to leave the SYMPHONY and would never see her again.

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My cabin
My god, I've missed the ship! (Ibiza)
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