Dunnottar Castle - Victoria - Princesa Victoria
Senior member of the ocean-going cruise ship fleet, almost unchanged since 1959!!!
Until her end she had retained her late '50s sleek outer appearance with two derricks on foredeck, most beautiful 'Roman Restaurant' with wood paneling throughout; still most cabins featured wood paneling of 1959, her bridge was still originally equipped as of 1936, El Patio Lounge and Galleon Bar were almost unchanged since 1959.  The Casino had it's original wood paneling. Her Diesel-engines dated from 1959.
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Passenger cargo vessel. GRT:15.007, Length:170,68 m, beam:21,91 m, 2 B&W diesel, 11200 hp, 2 screw, 17 kn, 258 first, 250 tourist class passengers. Crew 250. Builder: Harland & Wolf, Belfast; Yard-No.:959
25.01.1936 Launched as DUNNOTTAR CASTLE of Union-Castle Mail Steamship Co, London.   
27.06.36 Delivery  
July 36 Maiden voyage Southampton-Cape Town  
Since in London (Tilbury)- Round-Africa-service, thereby serving as supply ship for St. Helena. In September sistership DUNVEGAN CASTLE joined in.
14.10.39 Armed merchant cruiser of the Royal Navy
1942 Troop transport. Unsed on a secret mission to erect a meteorological and wireless station on Tristan da Cunha on 5.04.42.
1948 Released from troop service. Overhaul, then 105 first and 263 tourist class passengers, 15.054 GRT.
10.02.49 First voyage in London- Round-Africa-Service for Union-Castle Line. 
Ports of call: London, Gibraltar, Algiers, Port Said, Massawa, Aden, Mombasa, Zanzibar, Dar-es-salaam, Tanga, Beira, Lourenco Marques, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Walvis Bay, Las Palmas (Canary Islands), Casablanca, Lisbon,  
June 1950 The ship had to stay in the port of Beira (Portuguese East Africa) for 5 days due to a strike of the crew.
1958 sold to Incres S.S. Co., Monrovia
16.01.59 Towed to Flushing (NL) for a total rebuilding as cruise ship by the Wilton-Fijenoord yard, Schiedam. All cabins now with private facilities, fully air-conditioned. 600 passengers, one class. Decor by a leading Italian designer. Bow streched (now raked, length 174,4 m). Masts replaced by two derricks of foredeck. New Fiat diesel-engines (16.800 hp for max.21 kn). 14.917 GRT.
Dunnottar Castle before 1959
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14.12.59 Inaugural cruise as VICTORIA.
08.01.60 Transatlantic repositioning voyage Rotterdam - Le Havre- New York.  
1960 -64 New York based Caribbean and one to two Transatlantic European cruises per year .
April 1964 sold to Victoria SS.Co., Monrovia (subsidary of Rederi Aktiebolaget Clipper, Malmö). Delivery October. Incres stayed Sales and Operation Agent. Refurbished.
1965-71 New York based Caribbean and one Transatlantic European cruises per year (starting early September). All Italian personnel.
Since 1972 Greater portion of European cruises. Fly-cruises introduced.
Nov. 1975 Following the collapse of the Incres Line (due to high oil and operating costs) she was sold to Victoria Shipping SA, Piraeus, subsidiary of Chandris' Phaidon Nav. Co.
Princesa Victoria , Limassol, 9.10.2000
11.12.75 Arrival at Piraeus in tow of tug Heidi Moran. Bought to be cannibalized for other Chandris ships (esp. the interior), the high standard of accommodations made Chandris keep her in service. Refurbished. 
06.06.76 First cruise in Mediterranean waters.
1977 Transferred to Phaidon Nav. Co., Piraeus (Chandris Group). Renamed THE VICTORIA.
1978 11886 GRT.
1981 Transferred to Victoria Maritime Co. Piraeus (Chandris Group). European and Caribbean cruises. 
1984 Transferred to Phaidon Navigation SA (Chandris). Home Port: Panama. 14411 GRT. 696 Passengers, 287 Cabins.
1987 Refurbishment (Riviera-Club built in).
1987 11541 GRT.
Roman Restaurant of 1959
Jan.1993 Sold for $10 million to Interorient Navigation Co. Limassol. Refurbishment. Renamed PRINCESA VICTORIA. Cyprus-based 2- to 3-day cruises to Israel and Egypt from Limassol. Some 2-day Rhodes cruises. Annual lay-ups in Perama in winter.
1994 Transferred to Louis Cruise Lines, Limassol. 14583 GRT.
04.10.1997 The PRINCESA VICTORIA rescued 487 passengers and 186 crew of the burning cruise ship ROMANTICA 50 sm south of Limassol.
1998 ~May to August Served as hotel ship in Lisbon for the Expo'98.
29.12.1999-02.01.00 Millennium-cruise (4-day cruise to Israel and Egypt)
July 2001 Served as hotel ship for the G8 summit at Genoa.
2002 to 2004 Laid up at Eleusis
04.05.2004 Departed Eleusis for demolition in Alang.
Princesa Victoria Port Said 10.10.2000
Cabin E19 Entrance
plated bow
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